On March 8, 1959, our first worship service was held in the Masonic Temple.  Fifteen people gathered in response to an ad placed in the Fort Myers News-Press which had one simple request: Anyone who was interested in starting a COOPERATIVE CHRISTIAN CHURCH in Fort Myers to call.  Because of their meeting place they were given the name of “Temple Christian Church”.  By January 3, 1960, the congregation had grown to 53 people when they held their service of Incorporation as the Fort Myers ChrisChalice300tian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Our congregation continued to meet in rental space until the purchase of a property located on McGregor Blvd on November 19, 1961.  The church gradually began to see more growth during the next seven years.  Subsequently, the church was relocated due to the city’s need to make way for the Midpoint Bridge to Cape Coral.  On February 1, 1998, we dedicated our current location here on Winkler Road.

We continue to be a faithful and fruitful congregation as we continue to welcome all people and expand our outreach ministries.  While most of our growth derives from lifelong Disciples of Christ from the Midwest and other areas in the US, our congregation is also composed of people from a variety of denominations because of our distinct Disciple heritage of unity and inclusivity.

If you live in the Fort Myers area or planning to move down, we believe you will discover a friendly community and a place to call home!